We Solve Your Hunger Problems. Ninja Style

  • Made special for you by Highly Trained Wing Ninjas 
  • Over a dozen different sauces for your tasting
  • Order 1/2lb or 1lb in ANY flavor
  • Bone-In or Boneless to fill your wing desires
  • Delivered directly to your door so you can get your
  • Wing on. Ninja Style.
  • Not feeling the Wing Thing? That's ok - try a fresh salad
  • to fight that hunger. Or get one to share and have wings too! That's how you do it Ninja Style. 

A Few of our Staff favorites below - Because Ninjas love wings.

Big Island Lava Wings

With Big Island Lava, it's all about the heat. Turn it up for your taste buds, with the boldness of red jalapeños, spicy island flavor, and a hint of sweet. Whether you're adding sizzle to fish or chicken, or just about anything that needs a kick, it's the delicious kind of hot that will keep you coming back for more.

Sweet Chili Wings

Shock the taste buds with the powerful, peppery punch of sweet red chili pepper! Fusing the heat of chili and aged cayenne pepper, along with garlic and other robust spices, this bold flavor is perfect for serving with a side of EVEN MORE WINGS. Ok - maybe a salad too. Maybe.

Spicy Honey Boneless

This sauce blends the medium heat of cayenne with the sweet notes of real honey to make a flavor that will make you want to lick the plate. The perfect balance of heat and sweet. That's how Ninjas do it.

The highly trained Wing Ninjas are hard at work making these awesome wings for you. Don't let their work go to waste. 


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